This week at Sextant, we are featuring The Windsor on pour-over.

This unique coffee is grown, harvested and imported to San Francisco by a multi-generational family from the Minas Gerais region in Brazil.

In the shade of the Amazon rainforest, these farmers combine modern eco-friendly coffee production methods with traditional water-friendly processing to produce sweet, clean and heavy bodied coffee. We like to brew this coffee to highlight the delicate notes of cherry and milk chocolate, but it can also be prepared as a creamy single origin espresso.

Sextant Coffee Roasters is committed to strengthening the relationships between coffee roasters and coffee producers. One way of doing this is for us to visit farmers in coffee-producing countries and importing the coffee to San Francisco, which is how we bring in our Ethiopian coffees. Our relationship with the Brazilian farmers flips this script, with the coffee farmer coming to San Francisco to sell their coffee.

Having farmed coffee in the State of Minas Gerais around the city of Campos Altos for three generations, in the Protected Geographical Region known as the Cerrado Mineiro, this plucky Brazilian family has set up a home base in the Bay Area to try to get in on the booming SF coffee industry. This vertically integrated coffee company in turn gets to keep more of the profits from the sale of their coffee, without having to give a cut to middlemen. These savings have been reinvested in extensive initiatives which have improved the quality of their coffee , and allowed these coffee farmers to give back to their community in Brazil. The more we support this type of intentional trade i.e. coffee, chocolate and agriculture, we will be able to strengthen and change the landscape for consumers and our global farming community.

Sextant Coffee intentionally establishes relationships with farmers and works with them directly to import high quality coffees, and by cutting out some of the middlemen that are traditionally responsible for getting the coffee from South to North, we’re putting more money in the farmer’s pocket. Once we have a chance to establish a good working relationship, we can work together to improve the quality of the coffee.

We want our customers to be part of this coffee movement- we are in a fascinating time and want to share this exceptional coffee with our San Francisco Bay Area community. Stop by our shop on 10th & Folsom and enjoy The Windsor on pour over, or buy a bag of The Windsor online or at our cafe.

Brazilian coffee sales rep. and farm quality control specialist drink their coffee in San Francisco with Sextant owner Kinani Ahmed.

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