In a post from Brian's Coffee spot, he discusses his view on sextant coffee, and we must say he did a fantastic job, nothing but good things to say!

"The first thing to say about Sextant Coffee Roasters is that it occupies an absolutely gorgeous space. It might have had something to do with the late evening sun pouring in through the west-facing front windows, but as much as I loved Four Barrel in the Mission and Sightglass on 7th Street, I think this tops them both."


"I started with the Maiden Voyage, a very fine Ethiopian espresso. This has a pleasant kick in the first sip, which gave me a much-appreciated jolt. A fruity blend, it was, after that first hit, quite smooth. I followed this with a single-origin Sidama Hirmate pour-over (the alternative was a Harar Ogsa Day’s Horse). A rich, fruity coffee, with lots of body, it too was very smooth. Served in a mug, it was just as good cold as it was hot, and I really enjoyed it."

Check out his great article here

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