San Francisco espresso coffee
Why is sextant espresso different?
The coffee journey of course. Our Espresso is a blend of Ethiopian heirloom coffees from small farms. Our coffee is also roasted in one of the most beautiful cities, San Francisco, California.
Did you know that our owner was born in Ethiopia, where he grew up surrounded by his country’s rich coffee culture? Pretty cool right? That's what makes our espresso and coffees different, our direct connection to the birthplace of coffee.
San Francisco espresso coffee
Let us introduce you to our espresso blend "Maiden voyage".
The roast of Maiden voyage is well-developed and sweet enough for espresso, yet delicate and nuanced enough to work great as a brewed coffee.

Maiden Vovage story. A loving tribute to the spirit of coffee exploration, our Maiden Voyage Blend is a blend of Ethiopian heirloom coffees from smallholder farms. Served at Sextant Coffee Roasters’ flagship cafe in San Francisco since 2014, it features a syrupy, heavy body with huge notes of mixed berries, cocoa, and cherry cola. Maiden Voyage is unique as a 100% Ethiopian blend composed of lots from three of Ethiopia’s most renowned coffee-producing regions.
San Francisco Espresso coffee
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