$ 65.00

Yirgacheffe Heirloom - 5 Pound Bag

Coffee Description

Yirgacheffe Heirloom is one of Sextant’s prized water-friendly coffee offerings. This heavy, juicy and aromatic coffee packs a ton of flavor. Sweet and slightly spicy notes are accentuated when drying under the Ethiopian sun creating a malty and peach tea finish. This coffee is a classic example of what makes Ethiopian coffees so unique and unforgettable.  

Coffee Story

Yirgacheffe is a small but fertile region, producing some of the world’s most well-known coffees. Yirgacheffe coffees are comprised of uncatalogued and unique coffee varietals, called heirloom, that have never been cross-fertilized with more common varietals such as those found in large-scale coffee farms. We’re  lucky enough to be able to buy this coffee directly from this region through an export company set up by Sextant to source traceable Ethiopian coffees.