Kochere is a classic medium coffee selection at Sextant Coffee Roasters, a San Francisco based craft coffee company specializing in Ethiopian coffee.
$ 13.00

Kochere (8oz-Bag)

The Kochere is syrupy and medium-bodied, and boasts intense sweet and spicy aromas.  During the final stages of roasting on our classic Probat UG-22, the smell of cherry cola fills the roastery. We love the Kochere coffee as a drip coffee or single origin espresso.

Kochere is a sub-region of Yirgacheffe where smallholder, mainly female farmers still grow coffee in their front yards. Yirgacheffe coffees are highly-prized and comprised of uncatalogued and unique coffee varietals, called heirloom, that have never been cross-fertilized with more common varietals such as those found in large-scale coffee farms. We’re  lucky enough to be able to buy this coffee directly from this region through an export company set up by Sextant to source traceable Ethiopian coffees.